Best ways to Advertise Your Car for Sale Online




Once you set your price, clean your car, get your car inspected and prepare your vehicle history reports, what is the fastest way to get your car sold online?


Here are the top 3 sure ways to sell your car online in a wink of an eye.

Put up a video instead of pictures


Pictures are great, but a video might just be more helpful to a potential buyer. When preparing your car advertisement, use a good video camera and record all areas of your vehicle especially the areas that are most attractive. Make it short but if you are a good commentator, try to briefly explain a few things about the car in the background of the video. 2-3 minutes should be the longest your video can go.

Once ready, post the video on whatever platform you want to advertise your car.


Go for phone apps


Phone apps are more like Craig’s list, but these are aimed at reaching the mobile phone user. Remember, 80% internet users own a mobile device. That number should be a perfect target for your car advertisement.


The beauty about phone apps is that your car advertisement can meet people while they are on the go. They don’t have to find a power source, plug in their computer chargers to access the internet. This way, it becomes easy for your buyer to make a purchase decision faster and from wherever they may be.

Use social media


Usually, your first to go to’s when you want to sell a car should be your relatives, workmates and friends. One place to get all the three of these groups is on social media. You can start by posting a simple car advertisement post on your social media

Your friends know your vehicle. They probably escorted you to buy it, so they know it in and out. Your workmates, on
the other hand, see it every day as you park it in the lot. And your family obviously knows it too. A social media post is just so that you don’t have to call them or email each of them one by one. However, once you realize there is no feedback from any of them, you might want to consider paying for a car advertisement on social media to help spread the message a little bit further
into your target region.


great thing about using social media to sell your car is that you can search
for buy and sell groups near you and post your advertisement there.