Blog Herding The Best Blogs Of The Community (October 5, 2017)

Apologies for the
week off, bloggers! I got married and flew out west for my honeymoon to pretend
I was Link in the Breath of the Wild as I hiked Crater Lake National Park and
the Redwood forest in northern Cali. I kept telling my wife how Breath of the
Wild’s world totally isn’t as cool as the real world, either. And how I wanted to paraglide
like Link around both. And climb the massive trees. And try to swim to Wizard
Island in Crater Lake and not drown because of my stamina ba yup, that’s
about the time she stopped paying attention too! Unfortunately, this edition
won’t be a Super Saiyan God edition since I am still getting my normal life
back together (and it was a light week). Anywho, let’s get to it!

Community Blogs
For September 21 October 4:

Disney Could Have Done To Save Disney Infinity

While McNutty891 makes some great points in this substantial blog, I just
wanted to say that I miss DI. My biggest sore spot was the inability to use all
characters in whatever world I pleased. My wife also hated that, and she was
the perfect audience for this game: a Disney and new Marvel and Star Wars fan
who just wanted to be these characters in whatever story mode we played. Read
this blog, and lament about what could have been.

78 Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars (ft. Chevy Ray Johnston)

Jack Gardner is here to sing the praise of one of the weirdest, best genres for
Super Mario to break into. I love, love, love this game. What
a crazy, awesome and absolutely weird adventure. Like Jack writes, this is such
a unique gem.

4 Reasons Metroid: Samus Returns Is Worth Your Time, And 1 Reason It’s Not

The doc is in, as in Doctor Apozem, who in this blog writes about the latest Samus
game. First off, how are we not seeing more stories on this return? And
secondly, he has some good thoughts on the game. Though I do think Metroid II
was just fine. But like Doc says, Metorid is back, boys and

Best Upcoming Games Of 2018

PeepPop is here to give us a list of great games coming out soon that also
reminds us of our piles of shame! I need to finish the first Ni No Kuni, so…yeah, I’m looking forward to it, but, my goodness am I behind. Then again,
I don’t see many of you with 400 hours logged in Monster Hunter.

3… Who Knew?

Did you not watch Grind, Haley Shipley? But for real, I’m not a skater and lost
interest in skateboarding after Tony Hawk’s second game. That said, Shipley makes a great case for a long-loved and long-dormant franchise. You
should totally read this blog and see where it goes.

Evil 7 Is The Answer To The Plague Of Filler Content

The Doc is back again! This time it is about video game
filler. If you played the latest Andromeda, you should probably check this out!
Really, this blog dives into content and its purpose.

Writing Challenge:

If the world were to end in one week, what would you
recommend to someone who asked to experience in a video game? We’re talking one
week of non-stop, commitment-free gaming. Consider your choices and get blogging!

I hope you enjoy
the blogs! Please contact me via myGame Informer pageor on Twitter at@LouisGarcia12with
any blog news or playdate suggestions.

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