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November 28, 2007

Buy Nintendo Wii Online

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Buy Nintendo Wii Online

If you’ve been looking to buy Nintendo Wii online especially cheap or at a discount, you’ve come to the right place. It’s our goal to keep track of all the reputable online retailers that have both Nintendo Wii consoles and games in stock and available for purchase online both wholesale and retail.

Nintendo Wii’s have been hard to buy this holiday season, because of limited consoles made and huge consumer demand. There a few places to buy Nintendo Wii online, some of which are even for under $300!

As of today, Friday December 14th, 2007 we’ve seen a limited number of Wii consoles available for under $250 as a special sale. They are limited to one order per household from Salehoo. They are kind of like an online BJ’s or Sam’s Club, they’re a wholesale source where you pay a small one time life membership fee, and then you can buy electronics at a huge wholesale discount. Also, Amazon, among others have been given a number of Wii systems for sale and have also offered special sales on some of the games as well.

The following are currently the best sources to buy nintendo wii online:

amazon.jpg                     Available – In Stock                 Buy Nintendo Wii
   ebay.gif               Available – Best Auction Prices        Buy Nintendo Wii

salehoo.jpg            Available – Wholesale In Stock         Buy Nintendo Wii

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