Darkest Dungeon Coming To iPad Later This Month

Developer Red Hook Studios announced today that its turn-based roguelike Darkest Dungeon will be making its way to iOS later this month. This version will be playable on iPad.

In a blog post, Red Hook Studios writes that this port was made possible with the help of their development partner Blitworks and that the two have been “working on the project for a while” and that it was difficult to “keep under wraps” while finishing up the Crimson Court DLC.

All key features found on the game’s other platforms will be featured in this tablet version. For players that already own the game on PC, Mac, or Linux, they will be happy to hear they can transfer their progress to the iPad, thanks to a feature that allows save file exporting through Dropbox.

Darkest Dungeon comes to iPad on August 24, though no pricing details have been revealed yet. The Crimson Court DLC will also be coming to iOS at a later date. You can read our glowing review for Darkest Dungeon by heading here.

Our Take
Darkest Dungeon seems like a great fit for portable gaming. Its turn-based mechanics make it possible for quick play sessions at a time, and being able to transfer your save file is also pretty great. Hopefully this port turns out well because the potential is definitely there.

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