Did You Know Gaming Unearths Tomb Raider Trivia

With a successful rebooted game (and film) franchise currently in players’ minds, Tomb Raider has seen a return to form in recent years. This week, Youtube channel Did You Know Gaming digs deep into Lara Croft’s past to find a few secrets and details you may not have known.

Chief among them is the fact that, despite the game being released first on the Sega Saturn, the original Tomb Raider is thought of as a PlayStation game due to both the Saturn version being inferior and the PlayStation being tremendously popular compared to the Saturn. The decisions to create Lara Croft as a character came from a number of sources, including the popularity of the female characters in Virtua Fighter, the popstar Neneh Cherry, and Tank Girl. You can learn more about the character’s origins, as well as some of the mysteries within the game itself, in the video below.

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