facility management in Seattle
A facilities management company is supposed to take away any burdens of the business. Their work objective is to create and maintain a productive environment for all members of an organization, that includes the workers, the clients and the management who hired them.

In some ways, you may not completely know where the company will fit into your Seattle video games store, no need to worry. This article will highlight all you need to know about a facilities management company, their roles and services, how they will aid you to run your store business and what you should know before hiring a facilities management Seattle.

All about facilities management

Before we move to hire a facilities management company, we have to understand who they are and what they do.
A facility is a complex building, single or groups, small or huge office space or a suite. It could be a restaurant, hotel, auto shop, grocery shop or in this case a video games store. Facilities management works by bringing people in the organization together to work as a unit for the business, they are a professional discipline that advances its practice to ensure good maintenance of your space in an effective and efficient way.
They work with a purpose in mind on how to deliver functional and support services.

Facility management, also known as FM, has two categories;

Space and infrastructure – which is the physical elements of the organization. The planning, design, construction, renovation, leasing, maintenance and furniture. It is also known as hard FM.

People and organization – which involves the relationship between both elements. Catering, cleaning, hospitality, ICT, HR, Accounting, and marketing. This is also known as soft FM.

Both scopes come in two other categories, the strategic level, and operational level.

Roles of a facilities management company

First and foremost, their main role is to provide a conducive environment for business, whether it is through the employees, the management or the clients. Other roles include:
  • Monitoring the efficiency of work like ensuring the machines are working.
  • Provide advice in the business architectural effectiveness, how best to optimize the business space.
  • Keep up the day to day activities of the store.
  • Anticipate any future needs.
  • Procure office supplies.

Services offered by a facilities management company

Facilities management companies offer a myriad of services for their clients, all meant to ensure a smooth flow of work within and outside the company.
  • Janitorial services – this includes cleaning, washing, and maintenance of office hygiene.
  • Security and fire safety – they are the guards at the door and at reception, or even the alarm response team.
  • Property management – this has to do with the structural nature of the organization.
  • Engineering services – checking on the software and hardware tools functionality.
  • Mail and messaging services – the mailman or woman who sends and picks any mail for the company.
  • Computing and information technology services – intercom and video conferencing facilities.
  • Accounting
  • Space planning
  • HS, environment, health and safety       
  • How will the facilities management company aid the Seattle video games store?

  • The video games industry has 6 main industry layers that define the functionality and productivity of the business. They include;
  • The capital- this is paying for the development of the business.
  • Product and talent – these are the designers, developers and artists.
  •  Production and tools – the tools, middleware, game engines and production management.
  • Distribution– this involves marketing for either retail or online distribution.
  • Hardware – the actual engines and the software used, network infrastructure.
  • End users.
  • For all these layers, the facilities management company will be assisting to ensure that the business is cost-effective in all their decisions, the end users are satisfied with the work done by the store, they provide safety at work and enhance the core business at large.

Factors to consider before hiring


Hiring a company to join your business should be a boost in your sales and status, for that reason, you should look into the company to see if they are a good fit for you.
Go through reviews from users and clients and hear what people say about them, word of mouth is a powerful tool. Dig deeper in your research and see if they have been accredited by BBB, Better Business Bureau, and check on their ratings, what complaints do they have posted on the site?
Are the issues resolved or unresolved? Besides that, you should also look into their banking reputation. You don’t want to be working with a bankrupt company. What are their supplier connections as they will be middlemen between you and the designers and developers of your games store?

Business portfolio

Besides looking into their reviews. Check in their credentials. Most industry experts are associated with bigger players within the industry. Are they a licensed company? What is their experience level? They need to adapt to your business model regardless of if its simple or complicated. Speak to any references they have and check to see if they have trained personnel for their company. What are their success rates and quality of work? Speak to their previous or ongoing clients and see if they can be a trusted company to work with.

Business functions

The company has to be up to date with work practices, you want your games store to be a leader in the industry, hence they need to be up to date in everything, a new security feature, hardware maintenance tools, software technology and IT specialists. The store has to offer the best there is for the customers.

Intricate details

This includes small things like when you express interest in the company are they keen to listen to you? Do they reply to your questions? Are they ready to sign a contract with you? Are they transparent with their work? The company should be able to respond fast and effectively to show you that they can manage your games store the best way possible. They should have great social media integration for you to easily reach them.

Budgetary needs

When hiring a facilities management Seattle, you want to ensure that you are not heading over budget to get something that will not be able to uplift your business. Being unable means that they will need resources to work with and if you spend your budget hiring them then you are destined for a downfall. You should be able to balance the money you give the company to handle the maintenance of your business and leave enough for the business itself.
Taking the step to hire a facilities management company may seem like an expense you don’t want incur but once they work objectively on your business, you will not have regrets. They will shape your business to be a leader in the industry by shaping how business is done within. If you have been contemplating taking the step to hire, it would be a very good decision dir your business.