Finding a Good Hawaii Roofing Contractor



Is your roof getting old? Are you constructing a new house? Or did a storm damage your roof? In all these scenarios finding the right roofing contractor is crucial. However, a large number of con-artists in today’s job market makes this a hard task. To help you find the right roofing contractor I have compiled these guiding principles borrowing heavily from my experience in the construction industry.

Is the roofing company reputable?

Roofs are built to stay for more than five years. You want to pick a contractor who will still provide support services five ten years down the line. The only way to do this is to pick a roofer from a company that has been in existence for more than ten years. If the company operates within your locale this is an added bonus. They will have more experience on the best roofing types for the area.
Although such well-established companies charge more: remember “cheap is expensive”. Think of it this way the higher price represents a hidden value that will be unlocked as time goes by.

Check what is included in cost

Ensure the contractor has valid insurance. Roofing is a risky affair and accidents happen sometimes; when they result, an insurance cover taken by the roofing contractor ensures you are not liable to cover the entire medical bill.

Availability of terms of contract

Any roofer worth considering should have a warranty. Request for a document containing the terms of the warranty and ensure it covers installation faults. If possible discuss to extend the coverage period up to ten years; the faults take a long time to show.
Additionally, ensure the design and duration of the roofing work are written down. This will avoid any confusion and overhead costs.

Do your own research

Once you have settled on a contractor do a little bit of extra digging before finalizing the deal. A good place to start is the better business bureau rating. The ratings are dependent on past projects successfully completed. Additionally, check to see whether the contractor has safety training.

Final thoughts

Picking a roofing contractor does not have to be hard. Avoid door to door roofers with no safety training and track record. Your roof will last longer with no unnecessary problems.