Shopping for Fitness Equipment is Hard

home gym shopping


I stepped foot into Dick’s Sporting Goods the other day with the intention of buying a home gym with the entire works – bench press, dumbbells of all sizes and some cardio equipment, which I couldn’t decide between a treadmill or a bike, or possibly both.  I needed a home gym to do the best kind of a female workout.

However, my shopping spree came to an end when the price tag was well over $10,000.  I decided to cut out some of the items.  I didn’t need “all” of the dumbbells, and I could do with a “cheaper” treadmill, but the costs were still over $5,000.  What was I to do?  My budget was a mere $200.  I decided to go home feeling defeated.

My wife then suggested I try online shopping.  I first went to Ebay thinking I could get a good deal.  The auction style of buying was intriguing, and sort of difficult to master.  I suggest if you ever by anything from Ebay taking their course on how to buy/sell things on Ebay.  I found some decent deals on Ebay, however the shipping charges were outrageous.  I mean, I would have spent more on shipping my new home gym then what I actually paid for it.  Note – There are sellers who offer free shipping on Ebay, but for a home gym, there was ZERO.

I thought online shopping was out till I saw a commercial for Amazon Prime.  With Amazon Prime I can get free 2 day shipping.  With my excitement back on track I started going through the millions and millions of home gyms (No exaggeration – Amazon has biliions of items listed), but I ran into the same problem – Low Budget.  I found a bench press within my budget, but I didn’t get much with it, and my workout would consist of only a handful of exercises – no thanks.  This is not a downer for Amazon Prime.  I had to use $70 of my $200 budget for the Amazon Prime 1 year Membership, but that membership will pay for itself in all of the other products I buy.  It just didn’t work for a home gym.

My depression hit an all time low, so I started doing research on fitness and home gyms.  I found something quite interesting from MANY fitness experts.  The new style of working out is doing “simple” workouts.  What this means is you only need a set of dumbbells to get in a good home workout.  With a set of dumbbells the exercises are almost infinite.  I can have a new workout everyday from the comfort of my home and cost less than $50.  What?

I ordered my dumbbells through Amazon.  They arrived in 1 day, so I had my home gym already set up!  I now needed to find a good beginner workout.  I looked at several workouts online, but I found the best workout here:

Toning Workouts for Women


This workout worked my whole body from head to foot.  I was sore the next day, but it was a good kind of sore.

Let me leave you with this thought.  You don’t need to spend a fortune shopping for a home gym.  For less than $100, you can get in the best shape of your life!