New Gameplay Today Super Mario Odyssey

Why, hello there! Super Mario Odyssey is nearly here, and we couldn’t be more excited. Fortunately for me and Leo, Reiner brought his Switch into our studio, plugged it into the television, turned it on, pressed start look, you probably get the idea. Check out our latest episode of New Gameplay Today to get a nice look at Nintendo’s latest (and greatest?) platformer as we head into its release.

Let me tell you, this video has it all. You want clown suits? Done. How about cheating? That’s done, too. Anyone want to see Mario without a shirt (again?)? Sure, why not!

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Super Mario Odyssey is coming to the Nintendo Switch exclusively on October 27. If you need more info, you can read Reiner’s review for the game. (“Hey all, Reiner here invading Jeff’s post. I just wanted to add one quick comment: THOSE TURTLES CAN BURN IN HELL! I forgot to mention that in the video. Thanks for watching and reading and all of that!.”)

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