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August 16, 2011

Nintendo Wii Deals

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Nintendo Wii Deals

The Nintendo Wii is without a doubt one of the most innovative new and different types of gaming consoles ever released. No more are you just holding a controller and pressing buttons, now you’re actually moving around and interacting with the games like never before. Now you can even dance, exercise and drive a steering wheel to play your favorite games. Like any savvy shopper though, if you are considering purchasing a Wii console, you’ll definitely want to start looking for Nintendo Wii deals, as you can often times save big on your new Wii.

So let’s get down to your best bets for find a great deal on a Ninteno Wii. First you should really be shopping around for Wii bundles. Bundles are basically package deals where you’ll not only get the Wii console (the actual video game system itself), but you’ll also have extra Wii controllers, games and other Wii accessories as well, all as a package deal.

You can save a lot of money when you find the right bundle, a good way to tell if a bundle is truly a great deal or not is to look up all of the extras on Amazon and other similar websites. You’re looking for two main things:

1) Price. You’ll want to see how much all of those extra games and controllers are worth individually, if you were to buy them separately. Although most Wii bundles are really a good deal, you will find that there are some people online who will create their own ‘bundles’ as a way of simply jacking up the price of a Wii console to an unsuspecting buyer. Always do your price research before you decide to act or not on any bundle deal.

2) Quality. I should actually say quality and fun here. If the extras are mainly games, you’ll definitely want to go to any of the video game review sites online (they‘re quite easy to find, simply search for “game name” review in any search engine) to find out if the individual extra games included in the package are good games or not. Most of these sites are actually really honest, and have saved many people from wasting their money on lame games.

You should also read the product reviews on Amazon for all of the individual games, add-ons and accessories included in the bundle. They’re usually very straightforward in telling both if a given item is good or not, and if not, what you should get instead. There’s a wealth of information on there for free, so don’t forget to do your research before you buy.

Another way of getting Nintendo Wii deals is to look for used Wii consoles. Lots of people might cringe at the idea, thinking that they’re getting someone’s crappy old system that their kid spilled soda on. That is simply not true at all! If you’re dealing with either reputable stores or web sites, they will honestly list the conditions of the consoles, and offer great return policies in case you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Plus, most people don’t realize that in many cases it isn’t legal to sell a Wii console as new, even if someone just bought it and has never even opened the box! They must legally be sold as “used” because someone bought them and took them home from the store. There are actually Wii consoles being sold online that have never been opened, yet you save big because they must be advertised as used. There are plenty of Wii consoles available that people have set up, used once or twice and then realized that they just didn’t like them, or rarely used them. These actually make up a large portion of the used market.

Besides, sites like Amazon and Ebay both offer seller ratings and reviews, so you can know before you buy if you’re buying from a reputable source or not. And, both of these sites also have various buyer protection policies, just look for them on their site, or call or email them if you have any questions before buying.

There are lots of Nintendo Wii deals online, if you where and how to look for them. Just be sure to check up on the sellers or web sites that you’re buying from, do your research and be sure to ask any questions that you have before buying. Wishing you good luck in your search and have fun with your new Wii!

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