Overwatch Adding New Support Hero Moira And Blizzard World Map

During today’s Blizzcon opening ceremonies, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan revealed Moira, the newest hero coming to the enormously popular shooter.

Moira is a support hero, but she appears as though she can take care of herself, as the highlight reel shown off on stage shows her sprinting into battle. She appears to have a stealth attack similar to Sombra’s hacking ability that deals damage, however she can also blast a healing orb that restores the health of nearby teammates. She also has the ability to teleport around the map. Her ultimate is a beam that deals heavy damage to enemies, while healing any teammates in the path of the attack.

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Moira will hit PTR before receiving a wide release on consoles and main PC later.

Kaplan revealed Blizzard World, a new map featuring a theme park based on Blizzard’s various properties. Blizzard World is a hybrid map, which means it’s part assault and part payload. The map is hitting PTR soon, with an expected wide release of early 2018.

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