Shopping for the Perfect Pet – The Canary




Many do not know that canaries first started as pets by Spain in the early 15th century. When Spain conquered the Canary Islands in the early 13th century it was hard not to notice the singing birds. Of course, canaries got their name from the Canary Islands, instead of the other way around in which most people think.

The Spanish explorers immediately knew the value of canaries as pets due to their melody singing. A little fun fact – only male canaries sing. Because only male canaries sing this caused their value to skyrocket, and only the wealthy could afford them.

It only took a few decades before canaries spread into Germany, Italy, and soon after most of Europe. Not long after that breeders started finding ways to breed canaries with the most desirable colors such as the Spanish Timbrado Canaries, or ones that sang the best.

Due to long breeding processes the canaries that we see today are much different from the wild canaries the Spanish explorers first saw and captured.

The canary is a beautiful bird and will liven up any home.  They can live to over 10 years and are incredibly easy to feed.  However, they need to drink a lot of water since their metabolism is quicker than most other species of birds, and they can quickly become dehydrated.



If you’re considering breeding canaries, this breed is well-suited for breeding in captivity.  A pair of canaries can easily share a cage, as long as they have enough room to fly about.  A good suggestion in size is 3 feet by 6 feet, which allows them plenty of room to fly about.

Canaries are a well-built bird despite their delicate appearance.  The only thing that can risk their health is rapid environmental changes.  A quick, chilly draft can easily kill a canary, so make sure the cage is never close to a door or a window that is frequently opened.  Also, do not put a canary in direct sunlight since this can overheat and dehydrate them.  However, they do like sunlight, just not directly on them.

We have six canaries currently and love them more everyday.  Everytime we go on vacation and we wake up without their song in our ear, makes us homesick every time.


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