PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Is Now The Most-Played Game Of All Time On Steam

When we last checked in on the tale of PlayerUnknown’s Battegrounds slowly becoming the most popular game in the world, it had topped Dota 2 as the most played-game on Steam for a time. But it hadn’t beaten the latter’s all-time record of 1,291,328 concurrent players, which Dota 2 had reached in March of last year. Well, it has now.

Battlegrounds today peaked at 1,349,584 players as of this writing – the highest any game has ever had on Steam. This is also higher than many popular games outside Steam, including Destiny 2, and yet another impressive milestone for the game’s popularity, and the game still has room to grow, as it’s still in Early Access. Next up on Battlegrounds’ hit list: Overwatch.

In other news, Steam also crossed the 15-million concurrent user threshold for the first time. This means Battlegrounds currently accounts for a little over 11 percent of Steam’s entire playerbase right now.

[Source: Steam]

Our Take
At this point, I can’t imagine Battlegrounds getting that big of a jump in players when it leaves Early Access, but you never know. This is whole thing is getting out of hand.

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