There is so much information on the internet on dog training that you may be tempted to take it upon yourself to do the job. However, its a tedious task and not as easy as it seems. A professional dog trainer will do it quicker, safer and more effectively. Training a dog ensures good behaviors are instilled in him enabling him to respond to your commands. Your dog may have some minor behavior problems which if left unattended will result to major issues. 

Some behaviors that warrants you to call a professional dog trainer includes;

Jumping – Dogs jump to display love and affection to their owners. However, this can be scaring and hurting as there can be scratches. You need a professional dog trainer to show your dog how to display love and affection without hurting or scaring anyone.

Growling or nipping – This may be an early sign of aggression and be a warning sign which if not dealt with may lead to full-blown attacks. Whatever makes your dog growl or nip ensure your dog is trained to avert any danger that may result from this.

Door bolting – This behavior is dangerous to you and your dog as the door is left open and the dog releases himself. This may lead to an attack to the neighbor and the dog may also be hit on the road. Your dog needs to be trained to stay indoors unless you release it yourself.

Guarding items – Your dog may claim ownership of various objects he likes and may defend them even by attacking someone. This can be quite dangerous and must be stopped. A dog needs to be trained that this behavior is unacceptable.

Pulling on the leash – Though it may seem a minor behavior it can be annoying and also uncomfortable. You should control your dog and he should follow your direction. When a dog pulls you to his direction you are left without control and he may attack a stranger easily. Ensure your do is trained so that he follows you while walking on the leash.