PSVR Targets Halloween For Two Game Launches

Sony’s Paris Games Week has given us a close look at two new PSVR games with some horror overtones.

The first is a new game from Q-Games (The Pixel Junk developers) called Dead Hungry, in which players build burgers, fries, and other diner style food before flinging it out to zombies to cure them. The first-person view and goofy aesthetics are combined with what looks like a fast-paced race to put together food as fast you can before the zombies overrun your food cart. Dead Hungry hits tomorrow.

In addition, a second PSVR game called Stifled,from Gattai Games, is also on the way for October 31. Using some variation of sound-based echolocation, players move through a darkened landscape, and can only make out their surroundings by making noise. But when you make a noise, you also alter your freaky enemies, which look like nothing so much as manic killer babies.

These two soon-to-release games join a host of other PSVR titles that Sony was eager to show off during its pre-show at Paris Games Week.

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