Reader Discussion – Do You Put Skins On Your Consoles?

With the recent news that vinyl skins can damage the Switch Joy-Cons and console (those that aren’t officially licensed by Nintendo, anyway), I’ve been wondering an important question: how popular is the act of putting a skin on a console?

I did it a couple of times, as a kid. I put sticks all over my Game Boy Color, and even put some on the Mario Kart DS I had, which came with stickers. Bu I don’t think I’ve ever put a whole skin on a console to make it look like it was a special edition or something. I’m a pretty big fan of leaving the unit alone: I don’t even have a case for my iPhone (hasn’t broken yet after two years, either!). But it looks like these skins are still big business. So have you ever peeled one on your console or portable?

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