Why Kids Should Play Organized Sports than Video Games




I know many of my readers might not agree with this post, so let me be clear.  I love video games and I play them all the time, but I’m seeing a trend of kids no longer going outside, playing team sports, or getting any kind of sunshine.  This needs to change.

Decades ago, organized sports were the main source of entertainment for kids. The story however changed with the birth of video games. All attention has been shifted to video games and other indoor activities. The popularity of video games does not subsequently reduce the importance and benefits of organized sports. The advocacy for kids’ involvement in sports such as athletics, basketball, baseball, football is still strong because of the following reasons.

These sports promote good health. The physical activities that are involved in sports are good physical exercises that builds kids up. The constant running, jogging, jumping and squatting is also a good way to control child obesity. The contrary is for video games since the child has to sit in front of the screen and just control the game.

Also, the child is able to develop good communication skills and teamwork when they participate in these sports. Most of these sports such as basketball and football foster good interactive skills. The success of these sports is dependent on teamwork. Kids therefore try to be good team mates in order to succeed. Video games on the other hand requires the singular effort of the child so an introverted child will have difficulty fitting in when he or she goes out.

Organized sports also improves cognitive skills. The physical activities these sports involve improves memory, critical thinking and learning. Generally, kids who partake in physical sports perform better than other kids. 

Kids are also able to boost their self confidence and esteem when they are actively involved in sports. They attain a sense of accomplishment when they perform well. They also feel a sense of belonging since most of these games are played in teams. They feel affiliated to the teams. They are able to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and learn to deal with them.

Kids also learn to compete in a healthy way. They learn that they cannot always win and their competitors are not always their enemies. Kids also learn to be leaders, especially kids who are very active in athletics. Kids also develop a positive attitude. The importance and benefits of organized sports on kids cannot be ignored. The essence of both video games and sports is to have fun however, it is better to encourage the kind of entertainment that has more advantages.