Shopping for Internet Marketing for E-Commerce




I sell everything video game related, whether it is controllers, accessories, the games, and the consoles.  My personal favorite is Nintendo, which right now is the WiiU.  I do sell Xbox and Playstation too.  Actually, I make most of my money with Xbox 1, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4 items.  Most people don’t care for the old Wii item.  In fact, you can’t find many old Wii games or consoles being sold.

I sell most of my items on Ebay and Amazon.  When I first got onto Ebay in 2002 and Amazon in 2008, I made a pretty good living selling items, but now the market floods with tons of sellers and a lot of competition in the video game market.  I went from making $10k a month down to about $2k a month.  At first, I couldn’t figure out what the problem was.  I did a ton of research.  I called and emailed Amazon and Ebay (who were not that helpful), and it took another seller (one who was more educated) to set me straight and told me the competition had risen to a new high.  To compete you have to offer a product no one can get from you or you have to be brilliant at internet marketing.

The Solution – SEO


“Internet marketing?” I asked.  I had no clue what he spoke of.  He told me of how to drive traffic to my page on Ebay or Amazon.  I thought Ebay and Amazon did their own marketing so why would I need to?  He told me of search engine optimization and how Google can rank a page according to keywords that people search for.  The longer the keyword the easier it was to rank for.  For example he told me someone right now is searching for “Best new game of 2016.”  Actually he told me 120 people a day search for this.  If I rank my page for that keyword and get on page one, if not the number one spot, I would have a good chunk of daily visitors seeing my product(s).  This thought excited me.  I like having control, and depending on Amazon and Ebay to do all my marketing for me (or thinking they do), would not work, but I do my own marketing and drive my own traffic to my page would be amazing.

However, I ran into a small problem.  I had the theory down well, I just could not implement it.  I didn’t understand the mechanics of “backlinking” or why would I need social media for ecommerce?  My buddy told me I should hire a SEO consultant to do it for me.  However, don’t just hire someone off the street, you need to hire the Best SEO.

This turned into a headache.  As soon as I put my name out there that I looked for an internet marketing specialist, my inbox flooded with emails from all over the world promising me the moon and the stars.  I decided that wouldn’t work for me, so I started over looking for a local SEO consultant.  I found a boutique agency right down the street from me.  They’ve started promoting my page with a few different keywords.  I have to pay a little over $1k a month till the job finishes in eight months, but I’m already starting to see traction and soon my investment will turn into a huge profit.