The Division Fall Update Adds New Modes, Map Area

Ubisoft sent through word today about what players of The Division can expect from the upcoming fall update. The answer? Quite a bit.

The West Side Pier is an entirely new section of the game map to explore, made up of two full game zones. Those new zones play host to two new game modes. The first is a PvE mode called Resistance, in which opposing factions have teamed up and attack in waves as they confront teams of four allied player agents. The second new mode is entitled Skirmish, a PvP experience in which two teams of four players compete to get the most kills in a specified time, with points earned for defeated enemy players.

The update also adds a new social hub called Camp Clinton, positioned close to the new game zones.

Beyond new content, the update also aims to continue to adjust and polish existing game mechanics, including improvements to the previous Underground DLC, and new optimization tools to improve the stats of favored equipment loadouts.

The Division is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. While Ubisoft is promising a fall release for the Resistance update, we’ve yet to learn an exact date.

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