We Asked Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Team If Goku Was Ever In Discussion For Super Smash Bros.

Bandai Namco developed Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS for Nintendo, and Bandai Namco makes Dragon Ball games. It would stand to reason that if ever there was any discussion about Goku appearing in Super Smash Bros., it would occur between the folks who make Dragon Ball video games for Bandai Namco.

The request for Goku to be in Super Smash Bros. is a familiar one. It has its own entry on knowyourmeme.com and when Nintendo opened the polls for people to submit who they would like to see appear in the game as DLC, Goku was a common refrain. His inclusion was always unlikely. Not only is he not a Nintendo character, he’s not a video game character, but that didn’t stop us from asking the people who would have potentially been involved in his inclusion if it was ever close to being a thing. Spoiler alert: it probably wasn’t.

Game Informer: Bandai Namco worked on Super Smash Brothers. How close did Goku get to becoming a DLC character?

Ryo Mito: Uh, not sure…

Tomoko Hiroki: I mean, it is more Nintendo’s call…

Ryo Mito: So, we don’t know anything about it. [laughs]

So there was never any kind of request? Never an e-mail sent?

Tomoko Hiroki: We really don’t know [laughs].

Would you want to see Goku as a fighter in Super Smash Bros.?

Masayuki Hirano: We do want to challenge ourselves with various things, but it has to be under the concept that it’s for the best of Dragon Ball and the fans.

Afterward, Bandai Namco’s PR team added a few more details, in an effort to assure that Mito, Hiroki, and Hirano weren’t obscuring some secret truth they genuinely didn’t know. “The thing is that they don’t know. They really don’t know. It was a Bandai Namco studio [that made Smash Bros.], so it was the same group, but not the same company, so there was really no link.”

To be honest, we knew what the answer to the question would be before we asked it, but we wanted to share the response. The dream of Goku in Smash Bros. will continue to live on.

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