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August 12, 2011

Wii Console Bundles

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Wii Console Bundles

If you’re planning on buying a Nintendo Wii, here’s something to keep in mind. It’s always a good idea whenever you are buying a brand new video game console or system to look for a bundle package, you’ll usually come away with more games, controllers and other extras, and all at a far better price. Wii console bundles typically include the main Wii console, one to two controllers and usually a few more games then you’d normally get if you were to just buy the Wii console itself.

When I was shopping for a new Wii, I knew that I wanted to get a bundle because I wanted more then one controller (and nunchuk, the extra part that attaches to the Wii remote, that is needed for many games). Besides, I had already played Wii sports resort (the free game that comes with the Wii) at other peoples houses quite a few times, so I knew that the one game alone wouldn’t be enough for me to be having fun at first. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun enough game, but after you’ve played it a lot with your friends, you’re not going to be too into playing it alone, you’ll want some more new games for sure!

Now here’s the trick to finding Nintendo Wii bundles, shop online. Why? For two main reasons, firstly most stores don’t even carry Wii bundles, because they make a lot more money by selling you all of the games, controllers and add-ons separately, one at a time. Second, because online you can instantly compare tons of different stores to get the absolute best price.

Another thing that you’ll want to consider doing when you’re shopping for Wii console bundles is to do a little research on the games that are included as part of the bundle. Although one game title may sound like a lot of fun, sometimes when you do the research you’ll find that some of the top game review web sites will say that game is terrible, and warn you not to waste your money. It’s worth just doing a search for “game name” video review and seeing what comes up. There are a few cool web sites that do fun and entertaining video reviews on most of the new games that come out on all of the major consoles.

Another tip that you should keep in mind when looking around for the right Wii bundle is to look for bundles with accessories. The Wii remote controller actually consists of three main parts, the controller itself, a controller cover and the nunchuk. The nunchuk plugs into the main controller and is needed to play two handed games (like archery and the wave runner / jet ski games in Wii sports resort). Most people don’t realize that if buying these three parts separately, just the plastic cover for the Wii remote alone costs about $20! So if you can find a good bundle that has two complete sets of the three controller parts plus some cool games, jump on it!

I would especially recommend the Wii bundles for Mario Kart and the Wii Fit bundle. Unless you’ve been stuck in a cave, you’ve probably heard of the game Mario Kart by now. It’s a simple, yet very fun and addictive game in which you choose silly characters and go karts, and race around the high speed track trying to knock each other of with turtle shells. And it’s lots of fun to play with your friends, you’ll all be hooked on it in no time.

The Wii Fit accessories are a revolutionary idea, both in terms of video games and fitness. It’s like video games meets exercise, and many people have reported losing lots of weight, getting in shape and being motivated to exercise again after years of lethargy. Also, it’s a great way to get your kids to exercise, now you won’t have to fight with them to “play outside” when they just want to play video games! Fuel them up with some of those V8 drinks that taste like fruit (but are 50% vegetables), and send them on their way. They’ll be having a great time, and have no idea that they’re actually getting healthy in the process!

So if you are looking into buying a Wii, take a look at some Wii console bundles, once you add up the retail price that you would have paid for everything separately, you might just jump at the deal.

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